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Why Bertagna Family Farms? 

We are a family owned business, and we are involved in every step of the process from the orchard to the jar. By being directly involved we can guarantee the quality of our products, which is the most important thing to us.

Have you ever stopped at a roadside farmstand? They are usually full of fresh products, and you can talk to the farmer directly. Truly knowing where your food is coming from. We want you to have the same quality of experience from our Online Farm Stand, and feel confident in the products in your pantry. If you want to learn more about the process from orchard to jar head over to our Learn page to see it all. 

Where are you located?

Our farm, vineyards, and orchards are located in Butte, Glenn & Tehama counties in Northern California. 

Where can I purchase your products?

Our online farmstand is open 24/7. We want to share our products with everyone everywhere, so selling the products we work so hard to make with everyone everywhere through an online stand made the most sense for us. Whether you are a real-estate agent in Iowa or a cattle rancher in Texas, we want to share our Northern California grown goods with you. 

Are your almonds organic? 

Yes! All of our almond products are certified organic. We don’t use conventional sprays etc. 

Are almonds healthy?

Absolutely! From heart health to blood-sugar regulation these little morsels are packed full of the good stuff. See more about what our almonds have to offer health-wise here.

What makes your farm sustainable?

We put a big emphasis on sustainability when making management decisions. Our farm works hard to limit our waste by recycling our bi-products. In general,growing organic almonds allows for a conducive environment for beneficial insects to thrive, our soil health is top notch because of this. 

The big 2 sustainable practices implemented in our almond process are 1) Spreading our shells back on the orchard as fertilizer 2) Feeding our almond hulls to our steers over at Baja Vaca Ranch as well as numerous organic dairies statewide. 

Why do your almonds taste so good?

Our almonds are grown in rich Northern California soil and we take pride in the health of our orchards which ultimately leads to the best of the best nuts. The processing we do to our almonds is minimal, allowing the natural flavors to shine through.

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